Are you struggling to get the best from your virtual team structure and personnel?

Do you need some independent guidance and support to align and support your distributed personnel?

History has shown that businesses frequently fail to get the best value from their virtual teams.  Personnel suffer breakdowns of relationships, opportunities are lost, business costs escalate and confidence tumbles as staff struggle to make things work, often trying to learn as they go.

A lack of recognition of the challenges of virtual teaming during the planning and execution of projects, resulting in communication breakdowns, leading to inefficiency and waste.  This wasted effort results in projects being late, over budget and of poor quality, losing value to clients and shareholders.

It does not have to be this way

Through Ulfire’s combination of experience and research into how virtual teams communicate and function, you now have access the knowledge and experience of professionals who understand the challenges of virtual teams.

From years of experience and structured research we have built an understanding of the issues of working across distance and timezones, of balancing cultural differences and conflicting business pressures.

Ulfire was formed in 2013 to deliver specialist services to your organisations and project teams in the establishment and support of virtual teams.  We combine decades of hands on experience working in and running virtual teams, with leading edge academic research into the human side of what makes virtual teams effective.

We Can Help

As a specialist consultancy working with virtual teams every day, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs; from a few hours of advice to ongoing support, we are here to help you.  Our services cover a broad range of needs:

Planning – working with you to understand the best way to set up your project or organisation, enabling you to get the most from the talent you have within your organisation.  Optimising communication channels and workflows to avoid overlap, tension, conflict and wasted time and money.  Read more…

Training – we will deliver customised training to your leaders and staff, helping them to fully understand their virtual team environment and function at their best.  This training can take the form of one on one or group delivery.  Read more…

Analysis – we will perform a review and audit of your virtual team structure, offering guidance and advice to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation.  Read more…

Coaching – we work with business and team leaders to assist them with the day to day challenges of their roles.  Specifically helping them understand and navigate the intricacies of working and leading virtually.  Read more…

Contact Us To Hear More

From our offices in Perth, Western Australia we are able to support virtual teams wherever they may be operating, through leveraging communication tools and, where needed, physical face-to-face meetings.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.