Cross Cultural Training

Central to effective virtual teams is a sound appreciation of the cultural differences and drivers of the team members and the societies and offices they work in. At Ulfire we provide three levels of cross cultural training; cultural awareness, cross cultural training and training for cross cultural leadership, each is applicable to different levels and roles in organisations.

Cultural Awareness Training

At this introductory level we will train your teams in to be aware of the potential cultural challenges they will encounter when working across boundaries with personnel from different backgrounds. This training will equip personnel with the requisite skills to appreciate that we are all different, and that we experience things through our own cultural lens, but that in the end we are all working toward common aims.

Cross Cultural Training

This is an intermediate level of training where personnel receive specific training in how to understand both themselves and their virtual team colleagues, how to resolve virtual team disputes in an amicable and productive manner and how to learn the best ways to collaborate efficiently with their virtual team colleagues. This training is particularly useful to those in interface roles who will spend much of their time working with others in a virtual environment.

Cross Cultural Leadership

At this level we will work directly with the leaders of the virtual team to equip them with the skills they need to get the best possible productivity from their virtual teams. This training comprises both personal assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual leader along with specific considerations for the role they will be undertaking. It is recommended that this particular training be undertaken in a longer term coaching environment as well as an intensive session to provide ongoing support and mentoring to the leaders as they settle into their roles.