Francis Norman Director and Principal Consultant MSc (Project Management),

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Francis brings over thirty years of direct experience working within and managing large and small co-located and virtual project teams, along with his PhD research into project virtual teams communications. As a specialised leadership consultant, Francis is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to help client organisations improve their project outcomes and predictability.

With a background in Engineering, an industry he was part of for over 30 years, Francis has seen first hand how good and bad virtual teams can impact the outcome of projects. During the early part of his career, Francis worked extensively in Asia, South America and Europe before moving to Australia in 1993. While based in Australia, Francis has been involved in a number of complex international projects, working with teams from South America and Scandinavia on both large and small projects.

Francis’ experience and passion for virtual teams led him to commence his PhD research into interpersonal communications in virtual project teams in 2010, research that focuses on the human side of virtual project teams, to better understand how the team members function and interact.  Findings from this research are already contributing to the effectiveness of organisations.

Francis is a member of Engineers Australia where he served as the 2015 WA division president, a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and a member of the International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM)

Francis is a regular presenter and keynote speaker on the subjects of virtual teams and cross cultural communications, copies of many of his recent papers and presentations are available on the publications page of this website. He is also a regular commenter on the engineering industry in Western Australia with a specific interest in the oil & gas industry.

Additionally, Francis is the host of Virtual Team Dynamics – the Ulfire Podcast, which is available for download from iTunes and most other good podcast sites.