Benchmarking Of Virtual Teams

Do you need to know how well your virtual team is performing against global benchmarking standards?

Do you think there are areas for improvement in your virtual team interaction, but just don’t know where to start to address them?

Benchmarking Services

As a consultancy who specialise in understanding how virtual teams operate, how to build them, maintain them and optimise them, we have a great deal of experience in helping businesses get to the bottom of any issues they may be having with the way their own teams are operating.

A poorly performing virtual team can become a major risk to the outcome of a project, these dysfunctional or disengaged teams distract skilled personnel and critical capital away from the main project to try to patch up issues. A misaligned virtual team relationship can result in vast amounts of rework, wasted money and substantial project delays, all unnecessary drains on the corporate bottom line.

Through a structured benchmarking exercise, we can recommend changes at the corporate, business, project and team level that will bring your virtual teams from dysfunctional to high performing, reducing risks and business exposures and helping you focus on your business outcomes.

Benchmarking Outcomes

A virtual team which is not working to its potential exposes a business to higher than normal levels of voluntary turnover, creates actively disengaged personnel and erodes confidence and collaboration not just between the virtual team members, but also within each office. Personnel start to distrust one another and become protective of their own work rather than being open and supportive.

Through benchmarking your virtual team, and implementing the recommendations you will be able to rebuild much of the trust and collaboration between team members and restore your team to its high level of productivity.

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