Setting Up Your Virtual Team

As a specialist consultancy focussed on the supporting our clients as they build high performing global virtual teams through effective communication and leadership, Ulfire has all of the skills and experience you need to set your teams up to succeed.

We work with your teams in the planning and set up stages, bringing all of our experience and knowledge to help you avoid typical set up problems.  We will help you identify the core leadership and communication skills needed for your team to succeed, we will help you identify and establish a project structure that supports effective virtual team collaboration and we will work with you in developing those skills in your personnel to help them succeed through focussed training and development.

Considerations In Establishing A New Virtual Team

There are many of things to consider when establishing your new virtual team. It is important to work through a structured and considered process, one that includes all of the many different aspects affecting the way your team members communicate, how your project or business is structured and how organisational rewards are made. Typically this will include:

Locations for personnel – why are they chosen, how will they contribute and how will their work be controlled.

Required skill sets for your personnel – where within your organisation will you find the skills you need, how will the personnel its those skills be engaged and for how long.

Communication structure – what communication structure will best suit your virtual team, do your personnel have the right skills to effectively manage the communications they need to.

Cultural impact – how will different regional, local and corporate cultures impact on the effectiveness of your virtual team.

Communication tools – what told will your team need to communicate successfully, are they available where needed and will the personnel have the skills needed to fully exploit them.

When Ulfire helps you set up your virtual teams we consider all of these factors and many more then work with your personnel to ensure they start their project with the best possible chances of success.

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