Mentoring For Virtual Teams

Often, members of virtual teams struggle to understand the demands of working with colleagues located in different offices, cities and countries. The demands of collaborating across physical, temporal and cultural boundaries, with continually evolving communication technologies, needing to work with their unseen co-workers take their toll.

Yet many businesses are not equipped to support their staff in these situations.  These businesses leave their personnel to learn on the run, picking up whatever lessons their projects give them, often through costly errors and rarely in the most efficient way

The Need For Mentoring

Many personnel in this modern workforce structure, particularly those on the front lines of leading communication and interfacing with other offices, can benefit greatly from having a mentor that can guide them through the new, complex and confusing challenges that have been added to their already difficult roles. This is where specialist virtual team mentoring comes in.

Mentoring helps personnel understand the complexity of working with multi cultural teams, it can help them see the way forward when they are facing issues due to cross cultural issues, technological challenges, differences of opinion and time zone differences and, mentoring can help them to reconcile the sense of uncertainty that is common for many working in virtual teams as they learn to work with groups of personnel they can not see.

With decades of experience supporting virtual teams of all sizes and complexities, Ulfire is perfectly positioned to provide these mentoring services to your organisation. Our clients can access our services on an as required basis, building either an on going mentoring relationship that lasts through a project or assignment or, being able to resolve particular issues in one or two short phone calls or even through an email conversation.

As independent advisors, we are also able to cut through much of the typical corporate red tape, and to offer industry best practice guidance that may not be available through traditional internal corporate channels.

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