Optimising Your Virtual Team – Facilitated Workshop

Establishing and optimising you virtual team can be a major challenge for many businesses and projects. Knowing the current best practices and ideas, understanding the different influencing factors that may apply to your situation and how best to plan for them is something many organisations are not directly equipped to undertake.

facilitated workshop

At Ulfire, we are specialists in the formation and running of virtual teams and, through this specialisation, we are able to help you get your team off to the best possible start. To do this we offer a facilitated workshop, bringing together the key personnel in your organisation with our specialist personnel to work to understand and plan for your specific project needs, develop project implementation plans and identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed to ensure a more predictable project or team outcome.

Facilitated Workshop Highlights

Highlights of the workshops are outlined below;

Duration – The facilitated workshops will generally run for between 1 and 2 days but the duration will vary dependant on the scale and complexity of your project
Whats Covered The facilitated workshops cover the core knowledge areas of leading virtual teams, along with a customised planning workshop to consider your specific needs
What are the outcomes The facilitated workshop will produce a series of plans that can be implemented to get your virtual team off to the best possible start and build in structural resilience for future challenges the team may face.
Who should participate Project managers, key project personnel, HR representatives, Business leaders
Where are they held We come to you and hold the facilitated workshop either on premisses or at a  convenient location
What do they cost The investment in an optimisation workshop will depend on the location and duration, but will typically pay for its self within the first few days of a new project. Getting personnel aligned and ready to collaborate is one of the best investments a business can make in its future outcomes.

Specific costs and a customised itinerary for a workshop to suit your exact needs can be obtained by contacting us