Supporting Your Virtual Team

Supporting the ongoing effectiveness of your virtual teams is one of the key services offered by Ulfire.  As specialists in the development and deployment of virtual teams and with a high focus on building effective communicators within these teams, we bring many valuable skills to help our clients get the most from their teams.

All too often we encounter virtual teams that have been hastily assembled. Often with little planning and support during their deployment, many of these teams try very hard to be effective but without the proper training and skills they are often destined for a less than ideal level of performance.

Considerations In Supporting Virtual Teams

As virtual teams develop they will often grow in one of two ways; they will either become a strong and effective team through shared experiences and effective leadership or they will find that they become increasingly dysfunctional as minor disagreements between team members escalate and lead to major fractures.

Sadly, the latter outcome is all too common and happens despite the very best intentions of all of the team personnel. It can even happen that what was a strong and effective team on one project may become dysfunctional on their next project as a result of minor personnel changes, changes of project requirements or other seemingly simple variations.

With decades of experience in supporting virtual teams, Ulfire can help by providing expert impartial guidance, advice and training to project personnel and leaders. We can quickly identify failure points and deliver solutions in the form of training, mentoring or suggested structural and procedural changes that can lead to rapid turnarounds in performance, happier personnel and better project outcomes.

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