Tender And Proposal Support

Do you need assistance planning for a virtual team tender?

As a company specialising in the conceptualisation, deployment and development of virtual teams Ulfire specialises in assisting businesses understand what they need to allow for when preparing a tender for a project involving virtual teamwork.

We can help you determine; how to structure your project to optimise your virtual team outputs, how to arrange the communications channels between offices, how to estimate the interface workforce you will need and what skills your personnel will need to fulfil them, how to prepare any budgetary estimates to cover specific costs likely to be incurred by using a virtual team, how to select and train the personnel who will be key in the success of your virtual team, including the project manager, interface managers and any specialists who will need to communicate frequently, and how to select appropriate technology for your team to be most effective.

We can help you train your staff, to help them understand the specific demands of working inn a distributed team environment, to understand the cultural, temporal and logistical challenges they ill encounter during their time on the project.

We can also assist in the preparation of tender documents specific to the needs of your virtual team, along with checking the integration of the virtual team concept your documentation.

If required we are also available to provide ongoing assistance during client tender negotiation meetings and discussions, to deal with queries and ensure your proposal is as credible as possible.

Further Support

Once you are successful in winning your tender we are available to deliver any training, coaching and mentoring needed to bring your team up to speed, ensuring that you deliver on the promises made to your client, and that your team is as well equipped for the start of their project as possible.

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