Training Of Virtual Teams

Poor communication skills have been shown time and again to be one of the main causes of project failures. Personnel either stop talking to one another or never start in the first place.

This communication breakdown costs businesses billions each and every year through incomplete or duplicate work, work that is not aligned with the overall project objectives or that simply does not get done, all because of communication breakdowns.

You train your personnel in the technical requirements of their work, why not also give them training to become more effective communicators in their virtual teams. This is where Ulfire comes in, we specialise in understanding the communication needs of virtual teams and in helping those teams become the best possible communicators they can.

Formal Training Is More Cost Effective Than Learning From Mistakes

Members of virtual teams struggle to understand the demands of working with colleagues located in different offices, cities and countries. The demands of collaborating across physical, temporal and cultural boundaries, with continually evolving communication technologies, needing to work with their unseen co-workers take their toll.

Many personnel in this modern workforce structure, particularly those on the front lines, leading communication and interfacing with other offices, need some training to help them work through the new, complex and confusing challenges that have been added to their already difficult roles.

Training in cross cultural and across corporate boundary collaboration helps them understand the complexity of working with multi cultural teams. It helps them see the way forward when they are facing issues in their daily working lives, issues they may not have had to deal with in previous, co-located working roles.

With decades of experience supporting virtual teams of all sizes and complexities, Ulfire is perfectly positioned to provide this training to your organisation. We tailor our training services to meet your organisation’s and your project’s specific needs so that you get exactly what you need to make your teams as effective and efficient as possible.

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