Ulfire was formed in 2013 to deliver specialist services to your organisations and project teams in the establishment and support of virtual teams. We combine decades of hands on experience working in and running virtual teams, with leading edge academic research into the human side of what makes virtual teams effective.

Virtual Teams

Transform your virtual teams into high performing, collaborative and culturally sensitive communities focused on delivering your projects. We combine decades of practical experience with leading edge research, bringing the best and most relevant knowledge of interpersonal communications to meet your business and project needs.



The Cert IV in Responding to Organisational Complexity will provide you with sound theoretical knowledge of complexity theories, frameworks and tools, and will give you a broad range of skills to identify, assess and treat complexity in organisations, and evaluate and implement alternative approaches and strategies to respond effectively. 


Strategic Planning

We have a strong track record in the development of strategy and position documents around the energy resources sector. With a deep domain knowledge in both resource project management and engineering along with an understanding of the energy resources sector we have written or been major contributors to a number of significant publications.