Provide individual coaching to managers and team members to work with them in their virtual team roles.

Virtual Team Personnel Coaching

One of the biggest challenges faced by personnel new to virtual teams is understanding how to get the best from themselves and their virtual colleagues.

With many years of experience in working with virtual teams, we offer direct one on one coaching, mentoring and support to personnel at all levels. Our support is independent of the organisational pressures and is based on sound research and experience.

Virtual Team Leadership Coaching

Key to any effective team is strong and effective leadership. Many leaders in modern organisations are finding themselves needing to manage and lead virtual teams, environments they themselves were never trained in. We provide specific training, coaching and mentoring services to leaders of virtual teams, empowering them with the knowledge, tools and confidence to lead their distributed teams to success.

This coaching will typically take the form of an initial meeting to establish a base line then ongoing support on a structured and as needed basis, being there to help these leaders at critical points in their roles.

Virtual Team Member Coaching

Many members of virtual teams will struggle from time to time with specific issues, whether these issues are related to real or perceived conflicts, cultural differences or differences originating from the pressures of time zones and physical separation. Similar to our services for virtual team leaders we offer personal support to these personnel on an as needed basis.

Virtual Team Coaching For Effectiveness

To get the best from a coaching relationship we recommend an initial face to face meeting followed by regular ongoing discussions until the individual receiving the coaching has adapted to their changes environment. These meetings and ongoing discussions can be held by video or by physical meeting as the business requires.

All of our coaching services are available on an as needed basis, making them extremely cost effective and efficient, eliminating much of the need for in house specialists to provide virtual team support.