Review and audit your current virtual team structure and provide suggestions and guidance on development options.

Virtual Team Analysis

As needs and times change so the functionality of your virtual teams may need an occasional review and adjustment.  In the same way as new and different technical skills are required during the life of a project so it is important to regularly check on the health of your virtual teams.

Virtual Team Analysis Services

Drawing on research into the effective communications requirements of virtual teams and current best practice, we can undertake a review of your team’s structure and provide recommendations for enhancements that will help your teams perform at a higher and more consistent level.

Virtual Team Structure Audit

We can conduct an audit into the functioning and effectiveness of your existing virtual team, examining it against current best practice in terms of organisational support and effectiveness, lines of communication, tools and processes and the effectiveness of the key personnel involved in the work.  These audits can be conducted at any stage in the life of a virtual team, it is often best for an initial audit to be undertaken early in the life of the team, once the team is established to identify and rectify and initial problems with further audits conducted as followups to review the effectiveness of any changes implemented, make fresh recommendations and to keep the team functioning at its best.

Virtual Team Personnel Review

The great majority of members of virtual teams are keen, enthusiastic team players, but without the right awareness of the pitfalls that can cause issues in virtual team relationships it can be easy for them to operate at a less than optimum level.  We can undertake reviews of the skill levels of the personnel in key roles and make recommendations as to how their performance can best be supported and developed.

Cross Cultural Communications Review

Reliable, constructive and effective cross cultural communications are at the heart of many global virtual teams, getting personnel to communicate in a way that leads to a stable and trusting environment can help improve both project turnover and productivity through reducing errors resulting from mis communications. We are able to review the effectiveness of the communications between personnel to identify any opportunities for improvement.

Results Of Reviews and Audits

Our review and recommendations typically include proposals for modifications to organisational or project operating procedures, recommendations for the provision of direct support to individuals through mentoring or coaching for performance, specific structural or operational modifications to your team, or simply assurance that your team is functioning at its highest possible level.