Providing training and development support to your teams as they are formed and work together.

Virtual Team Training

Getting your virtual teams to start out working well and then grow together can be a challenge, we are able to offer direct developmental virtual team training for your staff to help them better understand the dynamics and challenges in working virtually and to better collaborate with their virtual colleagues.

This training can either take the form of single office workshops delivered to each location or interactive combined sessions bringing multiple offices together. Using facilitated workshops to both deliver training and also build working relationships between members of virtual teams can be a powerful way to invigorate your team, we offer customised training to fit your specific business, team structure and needs.

Facilitated Virtual Team Training Workshops

Tailored facilitated workshops, delivered face-to-face, on site to members of virtual teams can be highly effective in surfacing hidden beliefs and misunderstandings that have held back the performance of the team.  These workshops typically focus on communication styles, personality types and cultural factors to enable personnel to better understand both themselves and their co-located and virtual colleagues.

Combined Virtual Team Workshops

Effective virtual team workshops will be delivered to teams of personnel who are working together virtually.  Typical workshops will be held on client premisses, bringing together all parties in the virtual team for a common development session.  Through training in communications and cultural awareness combined with other team planning exercises we help develop robust and productive teams.  These workshops allow teams to learn from one another and build stronger, more trusting relationships that will release performance potential.

When And Why Hold Training For Virtual Teams

Most training offered in organisations is task based and technical, while this technical training is essential to allow personnel to perform individually at their best, only through team training in communication skills and cross cultural understanding can teams really begin to perform effectively.

We recommend that team training be delivered at the start of any new project and then periodically during the life of the project at key turning points, such as when major changes occur in the team structure or specific milestones are reached. Unlike technical training, communication and team collaboration skills will deliver step changes in team effectiveness and can help personnel grow professionally and personally.