Work with your personnel to help you plan the best approach for your needs.

Virtual Team Planning

Do you need help planning for your next your Virtual Team project?

Are you struggling to get the best from your new or emerging Virtual Team?

We are here to help…

Planning how you establish your virtual teams, how they will operate, communicate and share work is essential to enable your teams to start work in an orderly, controlled and, most of all, productive manner.

Spending time putting the right processes in place at the start of your project reaps major benefits through the life cycle of your teams, enabling them to deliver the quality of work you need.  Through structured virtual team planning, you can build and maintain a stable and productive environment from the very start of your project, saving substantial risks to rework and lost productivity.

As specialists supporting organisations through the initiation phases of their virtual teams, we offer a range of services customised to your specific needs.  These services include;

Strategic planning

Helping you build and establish strategies to address your specific business and project needs, including determining the numbers and locations of offices, carrying out work flow planning, procedural and operational streamlining to support virtual teams, workforce planning to ensure the right people are in place and assisting in development of meaningful, sensible budgets.

Leadership Training

We run leadership training programs to give your leaders, who may be new to running virtual teams, the insights they need to be more effective from the start.  This training is tailored to meet your specific needs, and can include cultural awareness, sensitivity to language and time zone pressures, managing ambiguity and delivery expectations and general virtual team leadership skills to supplement your existing skill sets.

Organisational Management Awareness Training

Managing a business which uses virtual teams places different pressures and drivers on the business leadership.  You need to understand how your offices interact and how your virtual teams can impact your business’ performance.  We work with you to help you better understand how to get the best from your new organisation.

Proposal Support

Many organisations, new to using virtual teams, may need support in framing your proposal to either internal senior management or clients.  We provide support in describing the benefits associated with adopting a virtual team approach to make your proposal shine.

If you are an established and experienced user of virtual teams, we can help you to review your structure, identifying and addressing weak points in the way your teams function, bringing you up to date with the latest approaches and ideas through our virtual team analysis services.